Day Trip or Camping by the Water. The clean water of the lake area offers a wide range of excursions and the area's nature is magnificent.

Time for the nature – time for yourself

Vähävesi Farm (Vähäveden Tila) is located 10 km northwest of the center of Karkkila, near the Nummi-Pusula lake area.


The farm is well known for its canoe trips and canoe rental. You can find canoe rentals, kayaks and SUP ferries for self-catering and for groups.


In addition to rental and excursion activities, much more is organized on the farm. Kids and adolescents have outdoor camps. You can also hold a meeting along with canoeing and stay overnight at the camping area.

Alongside a canoe trip, you can come and meet different farm animals from cute bunnies to lambs and even horses.

An easy start for beginners

Canoeing can be booked even on the morning of the same day by phone, SMS or email:


Phone: 044 977 4413

Canoe daily rent 30€ per person

Organized activities for kindergarten groups

Vähävesi Farm welcomes kindergarten groups and it is also a nice destination for school trips. Working communities can also hold a meeting before canoeing and order catering, for example, somewhere along the canoeing route.

Canoeing routes and canoes are suitable for beginners and families. You can choose a route most suitable for your needs - from a few hours to a weekend.


One of the most popular routs for families and novice hikers is a trip to Tämäkohtu and the natural sandy beach of this destination.


Other nearby lakes can be explored according to one’s own schedule, and another great excursion is a canoeing day in the wilderness lakes. This route is about 14 kilometers long and has three stops along the route, where you need to carry your canoe over to the next lake. You can also find a campfire site by the Uusimaa Regional Recreational Association. It is advisable to book 4-6 hours for this excursion. This route is also good for beginner paddles.


For an overnight or a full day trip, you can choose a canoeing route that departs from the northern end of the lake area and ends back at Vähävesi. The customer should arrive in the morning to Vähävesi, from where there is a shuttle service to the place of departure. The route takes 1-2 days to paddle and will end back to Vähävesi. Possible overnights will take place either in the nature everyman`s rights or at the farms camping area.

Every excursion is carefully planned

Each excursion can be planned according to the needs of the customer – from a short introduction to canoeing to a day trip or even a full excursion package, which can include, in addition to kayaking, meals in the terrain, tour guide services and camping at the camping area. The program may also include the client's own training in the campsite or other activity in the area around the farm.

Retkitupa is for use by the guests of the farm. There is a small kitchen, where you can prepare your meals and store your meals in the refrigerator.

Vähävedenpihatie 20, 03600 Karkkila

p. 044 977 4413,